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Two Keys

In a city split between humans and occult, Colin Aston just wants to run his diner and make bad coffee. A peaceful life isn't on the menu though, as a mysterious blonde shows up with a job only Colin is capable of performing. If he takes it, Colin will have to face sorcerers, politicians, and little old ladies... not to mention a secret that destroyed nearly half the city and hits a little too close to home. If you would like to read more of this comic, please check out <a href="">manga magazine</a> thanks!

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November 9th, 2012, 11:47 pm

It came to our attention that a lot of readers might not know that Two Keys is actually up to chapter 21. We post the most recent pages on MangaMagazine and you can read them here We will definitely continue to update on SmackJeeves like normal, but if you don't feel like being SEVEN CHAPTERS BEHIND, head on over to MangaMagazine and give us a read!!!


New Gift Art! And voting!


November 3rd, 2011, 3:43 pm

We've updated the GIFT ART page with a bunch of new stuff! Please check it out!

As well, we've finally decided to start doing vote incentives on TOP WEBCOMICS, so please give us a vote! Thanks!




October 12th, 2011, 12:23 am

Schumie will be at NYCC/NYAF on the 4th floor at Table D25!

She will be selling copies of Two Keys vol. 1, Honeydew Syndrome 1+2, posters, and buttons, so please come by and say hello! She doesn't do well alone...things get hurt.

Hope to see you all there!


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